Ken Korkow // PTSD

God Understands... When you feel angry
God Understands...
When you feel angry

Do you feel angry more often than not? Is your anger sometimes out of control? Do your friends and family express concern for you and your well-being? Do your feelings frighten you? Are others frightened by the way you express your feelings? Learn what righteous anger looks like and allow God to set you free from anger that controls you.

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Talking honestly about what we’ve experienced is difficult, but necessary. Guilt, anger, alienation, and loss of self worth after service are normal human reactions to extreme stress and trauma.

They don’t get better and they don’t go away on their own, but there is hope in processing your private thoughts and feelings with fellow warriors, and a God that does understand.

Your service, self-sacrifice, and patriotism came with a cost, but you don’t need to continue paying the price forever.

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