You are not alone

The warrior’s life is difficult to understand if you haven’t lived it, and difficult to live with if you have.

These stories don’t hold back on the strengths or struggles, and explore the on-going search for peace after service.

Wisdom & Hope from the Scriptures

God Understands...

God Understands... When you feel despair & hopelessness
When you feel despair & hopelessness

Your experiences may have left you with a sense of despair and hopelessness – dreams lost; relationships damaged; your self-esteem trashed. Does it feel as though God has disappeared? Or that there is no hope left for you? Spend some time on this journey and discover the comfort and hope that the Scriptures offer to you.

God Understands... When you fear death
When you fear death

Are you afraid of dying? Fear of death comes in many forms. Are you afraid of being a burden, dying alone, or dying in pain? Do you fear what comes after death? The Scriptures speak to each of these concerns.

God Understands... When you feel angry
When you feel angry

Do you feel angry more often than not? Is your anger sometimes out of control? Do your friends and family express concern for you and your well-being? Do your feelings frighten you? Are others frightened by the way you express your feelings? Learn what righteous anger looks like and allow God to set you free from anger that controls you.

God Understands... When you feel life is meaningless
When you feel life is meaningless

Maybe the things that you have seen, even things you have done, have left you feeling that there is no reason to live. You have lost your ability to make sense of life and you’ve lost a sense of purpose. Do you feel like a lost sheep? God is searching for even the one lost sheep in a hundred. Are you willing to be found?

God Understands... When you feel life is unfair
When you feel life is unfair

Life is sometimes unfair. We experience loss, pain and injury. Sometimes terrible things happen to us through no fault of our own. We want someone or something to blame. Many times, we believe that God has failed us. Scripture teaches us that when life seems unfair, God’s people should bring their complaints to God.

God Understands... When you feel overwhelmed with guilt
When you feel overwhelmed with guilt

Do you carry a burden for something awful that you have done? Or maybe you are troubled by something you think you should have done, but didn’t do. Are your memories an ongoing source of pain and suffering for you? God has words of healing, forgiveness and hope for you. Allow yourself to begin to let go of the guilt that you carry.

God Understands... When you feel sadness and grief
When you feel sadness and grief

Do you have deep sadness over the things that you have seen - lives that have been cut short; physical wounds that will never fully heal? Do you grieve the loss of friends? Are you able to cry? God hears our cries and cares about our hurts. God can help carry your sorrow. Bring your feelings to God and find his comfort.

God Understands... When you have doubts
When you have doubts

Do you find yourself in doubt, not recognizing yourself or some of the decisions you have made? Do you doubt that God cares or is present in the midst of difficult situations? You are not alone. Peter and Thomas, two of Jesus’ closest friends, also experienced times of doubt. Jesus met them at their point of need. He can meet you here, too.

About the Series

The God Understands series is a resource from American Bible Society’s Armed Services Ministry (ASM), which exists to help meet the critical spiritual needs of our nation’s Military and Veterans. Today ASM offers timely and ready access to God’s Word by providing customized Scripture resources and programs for the whole life of our actively deployed men and women in uniform, Veterans, and their families.

Since 1817, we have delivered nearly 60 million free Bible resources to America’s Armed Forces, over two million New Testaments since 9/11, and today the pace increases.

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Talking honestly about what we’ve experienced is difficult, but necessary. Guilt, anger, alienation, and loss of self worth after service are normal human reactions to extreme stress and trauma.

They don’t get better and they don’t go away on their own, but there is hope in processing your private thoughts and feelings with fellow warriors, and a God that does understand.

Your service, self-sacrifice, and patriotism came with a cost, but you don’t need to continue paying the price forever.

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